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2017 April - Alan E.

Before I start with the meeting report, I’d like to repost our secretary’s Simon comment from his August 2016 email to club members.

“The great thing about this club is that we get to see a huge variety of HiFi systems which we’d usually not see just using our own.

When I started out in hifi all I was used to listening to was a pair of box speakers with cone drivers in them and would never have thought I would be listening to some horns, or huge 18” woofers and didn’t even know what Apogee’s were (Thanks for educating me on that Floyd/Graz).

As far as the amount of different speakers there are, to make matters worse then you add what seems like a million different system components, amps, cables etc. and we have near an infinite combination of systems we can produce and I am glad the club has enabled me to sample a few of those”.

Alan’s system comprised many components that the members who attended had not experienced before.

Alan’s description of his system was great. Even better he knew what he had and was talking about.

Alan’s equipment was located on top of and/or hidden inside an antique furniture cabinet and flanked by Bowers & Wilkins CM10 floor-standing speakers.

The Realistic Lab 395 direct drive (1983) turntable sounded far better that most present had expected.

Alan stated that this was most likely due to the Audio Technica AT-OC9/III Moving Coil cartridge and Pro-Ject tube box DS Hybrid Tube Box phono stage.

But not so the 60s ‘Mexico Party” LP that assaulted our ears.

The music on the day ranged from classical to the old standbys of Dire Straits (Telegraph Road) and Pink Floyd (DSOTM).

I want to personally thank Alan’s wife Margaret for the magnificent spread she laid on for us.

There were lashings of tasty food to cater for everyone’s tastes and more deserts than you could ever hope to eat.

"I only had one piece of cheesecake!”.

It was good to see most migrated to the kitchen for their chats so others could listen to the audio system.

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