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September 2013 – Donald T (DXT Electro-Acoustics) - Valve Amplifiers & Pre-Amplifiers.

A small but select group met for a very enjoyable afternoons listening at Don’s home.
We were all there to hear his valve amps – which sounded great!
However, what caught us out was his double set of University horn speakers, not only physically big side by side but also in sound.

Retailer Promotion

Once in a long long while a unique product comes along the way.

I  am referring to an all-new  100% all-Valve Phono MC preamp.  

Basically, in a Phono MC preamp there are 3 stages of amplification viz:- the MC stage, Phono Equalisation and Line stage.

In our case, all three stages are Valve-based.


This is unlike the implementation adopted by most manufacturers that only use two stages of  Valve-based amplification i.e. MM Phono and Line  but left out implementing de all important Valve-based MC stage. 


Due to the extreme difficulty of eliminating Hum and Noise at the MC stage (sensitivity of 0.3mV @ 100 Ohms) , many manufacturers have taken the easy way out by installing a step-up transformer or a Solid-state module.


The DXT-08 Preamp is the Holy Grail of Vinyl amplification.

It is more dynamic, more detailed and has a crystal clear presentation than both step-up transformer or Solid-state head amp.

Of course, this preamp also has CD inputs and Tape Monitor functions.

It pays yourself to audition and I guarantee it won’t disappoint!


Best regards, Don - DXT Electro-Acoustics Pty Ltd

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