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2013 October - Phil G.


Vintage Hi-Fi!

Bring all your Old gear and see if it still works!

Well most of it did….


Phil says….


Held at my place but really made possible by everyone joining in and bringing along equipment.

Firstly thanks to PeterA for being Chef-of-the-Day, we had a very good turnout so thanks for waiting on equipment swap-arounds.

I for one was pleasantly surprised how good everything sounded and we only managed to blow-up one pair of speakers – ops sorry Rhett.

I think we got away with that one as he’d brought along his $40 finds – otherwise it could have been awkward JJ

PS: did you spot what I got up to! I held a monthly meet without using any of my own gear – sneaky.

Not really, I’m just proving to those who’ve not held a meet yet you do not need the most expensive or up-to-date equipment or if you get member involvement – any equipment at all – food for thought.

Source - Denon dcd1500 cd player    WC

CD75 Marantz    PJ
Thorens TD125 mk II, or TD 126 mk III    OH
Lenco L75    PF
Sony Elcaset EL-5 player from 1978    PA
Amps    Leak Stereo 20    CC
Quad 22 Preamp (CD/MM/MC)    DT
Air Tight 30 watt valve power amplifier    JM
Yamaha M50 power amp    WC
ME14 preamp    WC
NAD 3140 integrated pre and power    NM
Power    Pre Amp – Eidetic Audio Research – GB1a    PJ
Amp – Eidetic Audio Research – GB1b    
Realistic STA-90 receiver (capacitor refresh)    SL
Sony TA f444ES integrated amp    
Speakers    Altec 515 in OB configuration    CC
Celef monitor     R.I.P….Sorry Rhett!    RH
B&W DM4’s    WC
DIY floorstanders, speaker drivers are over 20 years old + Kef Q15 book shelf speakers

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