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2013 November - Ian C.


Equipment:Turntable    Oracle/SME/Koetsu
CD player    Ayre CX-5e (running as transport only)
Amp    Devialet Premier D
Speakers    Vivid K1
Others    Possibly PC streaming, hi res files etc

You don’t need to be a bike rider to appreciate the drive through the D’Aguilar National Park up to Ian’s place.

This meet was a special event with the guys from Avation who not only demo’d the new Devialet amps in single and dual formats but also provided great information to this and the Vivid speakers.


Ian put on a great lunch and totally over catered for us, which was great as I walked away with bags of leftover for the next few days.


At one stage we had the Devialet 500 setup playing a Lorde track and the K1 speakers just thundered.

I could feel the SPL on my chest sat behind overs.

The best part was it all sounded great – no breakup or distortion – just a great sound and great dynamics.

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