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2013 November – Leigh H. - Focused Listening Evening

The purpose of the evening as outlined in previous emails is for the music to take centre stage and for attendees to listen to a musical work all the way through without talking just as at a live concert.


(1)  Lutoslawski – Concerto for Orchestra (1954) – BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner.

Pro Tools rip of the CD layer of a Chandos hybrid SACD/CD recorded 2010.

Playing time 28 minutes.

One of Lustoslawski’s more accessible works, a full bodied piece of music at times threatening and menacing.

The recording is first rate.

(2)  Rutter – Requiem – The Cambridge Singers, The City of London Sinfonia, directed by the composer John Rutter.

1986 Collegium LP.

Original digital recording.

Direct Metal Mastering.

Playing time 37 minutes.

A beautiful modern choral work.

LIGHT SUPPER: provided at the end of the music. No need to bring any food.

EQUIPMENT: Aurender S10 music server, Clearaudio Stradivari MC cartridge, Kuzma 4Point tonearm, Clearaudio Champion II turntable, Devialet ADC/digital phono stage/DAC/amp, Martin Logan Ascent i speakers.

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