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2013 July - Kevin and Karen K.


Another successful meeting at Kevin & Karen’s lovely home.

Two very nice rooms and a beautiful sunny day for the walk between them.

As usual Karen put on a fine lunch.

The only thing stopping me having ‘thirds’ of the curry was the lack of more curry, who ate all that?

Kevin’s equipment is superb as was the sound.

None of us would turn down the chance of a media room like his.

A big thank-you to Kevin & Karen for hosting another fine day out for QAC.


My apologies for the poor picture quality….it’s a long story!

Source - Ayon CD5s, Alphason Sonata T/T, Mac Mini- Amara

Pre-Amp/Dac - Ayon pre-dac.   Pioneer D23 Active crossover

Amplifiers - Benchmark monos, Sophia Electric Baby, Miniwatt N3

Speakers - Coral15L100, Altec 802 8g- 511B damped horn, Raven R1-horn loaded

Power Supplies - Jugson

Cables - Nordost Red Dawn ICs and SC, Vandenhull ICs and SC

Source - Accustic Arts Drive1 mk2

Pre-Amp/Dac - Audioresearch Reference dac/pre

Amplifiers - Audioresearch ref110

Speakers - Jbl 1400 Array

Power Supplies - Exactpower EPDS,  Thorobread.  Isotec syncro

Cables - Jorma Origo IC,  Synergystic Research Tesla accellerator SC.

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