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2013 December - Phil G.


We all enjoy going to Phil’s place, it is always a very social event.

This time we almost got down to some serious listening as the iPad was passed around.

Although there were quite a few cries of “No!!! not that!’, especially when Andrew had control.

His customary selection of Stairway to Heaven was enjoyed though.

The BBQ, provided by the club, was enjoyed by all.

A special thanks go to Peter A for his slaving over a hot grill.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!



Source    Beaglebone Black board running Debian Linux [headless] with MPaD remote and NAS music library
CD player    Oppo 83 [if you’d like a better player – bring one along]
Amp    NAD c390DD
Speakers    Poor Man’s Strads + dual Peerless subs

Lunch: As it’s the Christmas do, QAC will put on a steak + BBQ and a nice Veggie something – circa 12:30 pm.

Also we’ll provide a few bottle of wine, beer, soft drinks – but BYO still stands.

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