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2013 August - Dave and Polly R.


Dave & Polly live 2½+ hours north of Brisbane so it was a keen but slightly smaller meet than usual for those who made the drive.

A bit of carpooling occurred so that saved on petrol and the environment J.

Dave and Polly have a lovely house in the countryside and they made us all very welcome and put on a glorious three course cooked lunch.

After which we refocused our attentions to Dave’s great system based around the Hawthorn speakers and had a detailed listening session based on vinyl, tape and CD sources.

With a smaller group than normal it was great to see every one really settle down and enjoy a system that obviously Dave and spent many hours lovingly tuning and tweaking to sound it’s best.

For the 3 other guys in my car we all agreed it was worth the 5 hour round trip drive.

Thanks’ again for the hospitality Dave and Polly.



Source - Meridian G98

Oracle Delphi Turntable – Sumiko arm & cartridge (Bluepoint Special with Garrett Bros. Retip)

Revox C270 Reel to Reel

Pre-Amp/Dac - Bel canto Pre 2P

Accustic Arts Tube Dac ll (SE version)

Amplifiers - Nu Force Ref 9 Special Edition x 2

Bel canto Evo 2 x 2

Speakers - Hawthorne Trios Sterling Silver Iris

Power Supplies - Dedicated circuits – hard wired to components

Cables - Luminous Silver Signature - Oyaide - Van den hul

Other Stuff    
Marchand Electronics crossover x 2

Oppo BDP-95 Blue Ray Disc Player

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