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2019 November - Matthew G.

Hold on here we go :)

So the forecast was for hot. Said it before, say it again. I do not like hot.

Yet. . . . The day wasn't bad at all.

Either the nice a/c happening inside or a really nice breeze outside.

Either way the temperature was borderline acceptable by my standards.

What a turn out.

I didn't count properly, but at a super rough look there was around 40 members in attendance today.

Lots of old faces (Ha, old person joke :D ) but also several new members. Hi Guys *Waves*.

Even with all the bodies, there was enough food for all to have a decent feed without silly wastage afterwards.

This is down to people rsvp'ing.

And for that I say Thank You. It really does make life better and easier for everyone.

It was awesome to see some friends I haven't seen in a while.

Whether we admit or not, I'd like to think we all do actually care about each other in some way.

Yeah yeah, put the tissues away :)

Mr and Mrs G always make you feel very welcome.

And despite Mr G being hobbled he still went out of his way to make sure everyone was seen to.

Speedy recovery Mr G,  Speedy recovery :)

We mingled, we drank, we nibbled, we listened, we ate, we chatted, we listened and mingled some more.

Some of the topics I heard others discussing were varied to say the least.

I think if we could harness half of the the discussions, we could end any big social issue.

Ahh but then again. There were one or two topics that were seen from differing view points.

Even so, no body got hurt and we all went home fed, happy, and a little wiser.

Well I went home a little wiser. Pft, yeah no that aint hard for me :D

In signing off today.

Wait !..... There was no cheese cake !..... Not that someone should be looking at such treats at the moment ;)

Where was I  ? oh yes, in signing off I think we all appreciate the effort that todays hosts went too today.

Not just for the food and drink. But for allowing us into their home and spending some time in their company.

What, your still reading my drivel ? Just go and enjoy the pics already.


Equipment List;


Turntable Techdas Airforce 2

ARM Thales Statement

Cartridge Lyra Etna



Mac Mini and or Intel Nuc

Chord Dave


Phono Stage  Doshi Phonostage V3.0

Line Stage  Doshi Linestage V3.0

Poweramp  Avantgarde One Power or Sun Audio SV-300BSM (on loan)

Speakers  Wolf Von Langa Chicago field coils (on loan)


Stand  Ictra Keo and some home built

Cables  Argento Flow, Curious and KLEI

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