2016 May - Nigel Shaw (SpeakerBug) & Mark Kelly (Delineation) - Triptych speakers.


This showcase will be showing off a pair of 3 way speakers named the “Triptych”.

Developed by stereo net member Mark Kelly and to be sold as a diy kit through Nigel at SpeakerBug.

Comments by Mark.

Due to the speakers not having been run in prior to the showcase.

The bass of the Triptychs sounded a bit woolly at the start of the session.

Once they had been “exercised”, the need to push the volume level up diminished significantly.

By the end there was a transformation to that tight and deep sound that I know they should have.

The turning point was the drum track (can’t remember the name) but at my request, Andrew turned the wick up on his Parasound A21 to a fairly high level which gave everyone an opportunity to hear them handling low and loud frequencies.

At this point a few took the opportunity to feel for vibrations in the side panel.

They found none.

After that point, I noted that things tightened up considerably and the bass was noticeably tighter for the rest of the session.

I can say in all honesty that it is a design that does not grab you initially as some speakers might but rather it lets you relax into it over longer listening rather than making you turn it off from fatigue.

Thanks Andrew for hosting the GTG.

I haven’t listened to a good vinyl deck for long while and you have a well assembled array of gear to bring the best out in a set of speakers.


Comment by Andrew.

Mark, the track you referred to is He Xun-tian “Earth Drums”.

Originally sourced from the 2015 HK Audio show sampler CD.

No QAC meeting would be complete without it.

I was slightly concerned that the bass cones were going to pop out, especially when I had my little “oops” moment (no one would ever describe me as “graceful”) :oops:

I’m very happy with the “little” Kuzma.